RSBC Teens

The purpose of RSBC Teens is to help our teens live out the vision of Ramona Southern Baptist Church!
As part of a multiethnic, multigenerational, gospel advancing community, we want to help them to grow in their relationship with Christ. We do this by encouraging their growth as a follower of Jesus in the 5 Characteristics of a follower:

Worship, Connect, Serve, Give and Invite.

“Teens are not the church of tomorrow, they are the church of today!”

RSBC Teen ministries mission is to create a passionate, authentic, and welcoming community where students can seek, learn and grow deeper in their relationships with Jesus.
As a ministry, we are passionate about encountering the Power and Presence of Jesus Christ.  We strive to lead students in pursuing a relationship with Jesus that is an emotional experience and a personal encounter.  We are passionate about helping students discover their God given gifts and calling, and to equip them to use their gifts to glorify Him. It’s our goal to partner with the parents to support each student; to encourage and serve the families of Ramona Southern Baptist Church and our community. 

RSBC Students is designed to help every teenager know God in fresh ways. On Sunday mornings, Students grow in their relationships with other students and trained leaders as they hear from God’s Word and apply it to everyday life. Sunday nights empower them to live their lives for Jesus in response to a dynamic message from their Student Leader. Through all of our activities and events, we always strive to have fun as we seek to know God, find community, serve people, and glorify God.